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what are the curtain accessories of each room in your home

2019-02-19 15:06:16

          What are the curtain accessories of each room in your home.Many people decorate a house, first of all, of course, is to buy furniture, furniture is the first and the second is the curtain, curtain of good collocation, master home early, indeed, the curtain has now are not only to keep out sunshine, in most of the people is a adornment, so choose a good, also can bring home a few minutes of colour, let's look at the home of each bedroom is how to match the curtains.

           The cloth environment of the sitting room curtain accessories should be simple but elegant, wide and bright.Color should be harmonious with the photograph such as metope, furniture, advocate to adopt central color.

           The personality of bedroom and living room curtain accessories can also be divided into three major themes of Chinese style, European style and leisure.The main function of the thick, warm, safe.Window cloth pattern must be harmonious with the bedspread.See window screen of outer shade more on the pattern, in shade chooses cloth of shading window normally, in order to make the bedroom is the good place that sleeps in any moment.

           The individual character of dining-room is same can be Chinese style, Europe type, recreational 3 big themes.The atmosphere should be lively, pleasant and lively.Dining-room appropriate chooses dimming color to promote appetite, color holds between color of both of table, metope.According to the size of the form on the choice of suspension, split or single open method.Outer curtain is window screen, inside curtain USES cotton product more.

           The individual character demand of the study is simple but elegant and easy.Window cloth selection needs good light, bright.See method of fluctuation shade more on the style, can control the intensity of the light appropriately.Colour of cloth of study window multi-purpose camel, cream-colored than reach rich and gaudy color.Appeals to the state of mind in which the smooth, conducive to homework, learning.

           Children room choose simple county hanging window cloth.Pattern chooses "cartoon" picture, color is bright, the idea that suits children.


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