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The choice of curtain accessories also is very important

2019-02-12 16:52:37

          The choice of curtain accessories also is very important.The installation of the curtain also is to want to consider the collocation of curtain lever and curtain lever head, want to look from quality, style respect.

          Fixing curtain accessories is the basic function of curtain rod bracket, so the material of the bracket is quite important.Plastic products easy deformation, aging, if used for hanging heavy curtains, a long time is easy to fall off;And woodiness bracket is easy moth-eaten by moth and craze, long-term heavier bearing is easy to be out of shape.In the bracket of window shade lever of wear well on market at present, aluminium alloy bracket is a kind of more common, compare other material material, its biggest window depends on firm in taking soft characteristic.


         Whether the curtain rod can fit with the bracket groove, it is stable in the bracket, and the size of the bracket is also very important.The size of the support usually refers to the diameter of the support slot, currently there are mainly 25mm,26,,28mm,32mm,35mm, the larger the diameter, means the corresponding curtain rod is thicker.A diameter of 28mm is the most common and preferred for most families. If it is a perforated curtain, a diameter of 32mm or more requires a special large hanging ring.

         Curtain accessories are important accessories that distinguish curtain rods from curtain rods.In the "light decoration, heavy decoration" situation, many businesses in the head of the design also under a lot of effort, iron carving decoration head, solid wood carving decoration first class modeling can meet the European classical, European garden and other different decoration style decoration needs.The flower head of bright pole, the pen that chooses proper to be the dot eyeball that the bedroom decorates, besides notice the style outside consider material to pledge even if fade whether to drop lacquer to wait a moment.


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