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Installation method of curtain rod

2019-02-12 14:14:41

The decoration is almost finished, and I will start to buy curtains and other essential decorative items. The most important thing in installing curtains is the installation of the curtain rod, which is the source of the weight that carries the entire curtain.

bedroom curtain rods
bedroom curtain rods

Good roof effect

Due to the beauty of the exposed curtain rods, the top of the room and the windows are preferably of a certain height to avoid the feeling of compression.

There is room for the window frame

The left and right sides of the window frame should not be less than 6 cm, so that the curtain rods can be used in the first place, and the curtain fabric can completely cover the window.

Reasonable material selection

Since most of the current living rooms are not very high, in order not to make the curtains too oppressive and heavy, it is best to use those fabrics with good dip, such as silk and yarn, which have a high effect to make up the house. Insufficient height.

Material feels different

The curtain rods are made of metal and wood. Different materials and different styles. The artistic curtain rod of the iron head is matched with the silk or gauze decoration cloth, which is used in the bedroom, and has a strong contrast between the soft and soft contrast; while the wooden carved head makes a warm and full feeling, with the scope and matching The style is not limited and is suitable for all functions of the living room.

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