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curtain rod rings

2019-01-08 17:48:35

        The curtain that installs to the home also presents diversification, when the home installs to choose a curtain, should make a choice according to the adornment of furniture, the way of suspension curtain is divided for two kinds roughly, can choose curtain rod rings or choose curtain orbit.

       Curtain rod rings are round and sealed poles, which are usually used as rings or buckle. They are suitable for Windows that are not curtain boxes on the ceiling. They play a certain decorative role and are more attractive when exposed.



       Curtain rod rings material is given priority to with metal and wood, real wood is made of pure natural wood, which naturally strong affinity, household decorates a style to rural advisable, a solid wood curtain rod, tie-in monochrome or simple line of curtain cloth, very harmonious, southern humid air, real wood curtain rod is not easy to appear the phenomenon such as out of shape, craze, the north is not suitable.



       Aluminum alloy curtain rod, material light, plasticity and corrosion resistance is good, affordable, fashionable and generous, the metal texture of its guarantee with a variety of curtain fabric collocation, is the choice of many families at present, can be significantly bent, solve the problem with turning Windows.Therefore, when choosing curtain rod rings, we should choose them according to our own situation.


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