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curtain accessories manufacturers are coming to tell you about some curtain accessories

2019-02-23 14:11:28

         Every family can install a curtain, think of everybody to curtain lever also won't be strange to the window.Don't underestimate these curtain accessories.curtain accessories manufacturers are coming to tell you about some curtain accessories.

         Curtain accessories include decorative heads, seals, brackets, rings and connectors.Track class accessories mainly include cover, pulley and installation code three.In addition, the usually equipped stents are side mounted stents.


         The curtain accessories are the frame that supports the curtain.The curtain rod support is not a closed circular ring, and there is an opening on one side of the support. Press the curtain rod with a sling ring into the opening of the curtain rod support and tighten the curtain rod support with self-tapping screws.Some curtain rod support will also be in the support slot built-in automatic buckle, to prevent the use of the main rod movement.

         Fixation is the basic function of curtain rod support, so the material of the support is very important.In the bracket of window shade lever of wear well on market at present, aluminium alloy bracket is a kind of more common, compare other material material, its biggest window depends on firm in taking soft characteristic.

         Curtain clip is to clip window shade lever and curtain directly, and can move about.

         The curtain accessories are important accessories that distinguish curtain rods from curtain rods.Decorate in light, heavy adornment situation falls, a lot of businessmen also went up in the design of lever head many kongfu, head of adornment of iron art carve patterns on woodwork, solid wood carve patterns on woodwork adornment first class modelling can satisfy ou shigu, ou shiyuan the adornment demand of different decorate a style.The lever head of bright pole, the pen that chooses to decorate the dot eyeball that is a bedroom appropriately, besides notice the style outside considering material to pledge even if fade, absorb lacquer layer processing whether to drop lacquer to wait a moment.


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