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What to pay attention to when buying a Roman rod

2018-10-13 17:17:41

1. Curtain rod wall thickness Generally, manufacturers cut corners often use materials to make the wall thickness of the hands and feet thinner.

 2, the material of the curtain rod should be selected from the material of durable and durable products. The plastic products are easy to change color and break the color choice; the wooden products are easy to locust, the cracks are thicker, the curtains are easy to bend, and the curtains are thick and decorative. High-grade; aluminum alloy color single aluminum alloy foreskin easy to glue bearing performance poor resistance to friction is economical and practical type; iron paint products easy to fall paint iron plating products surface treatment brilliance and load-bearing wear resistance

 3, curtain rod bracket selection important attention to your choice of rods with brackets like brackets and wall contact surface to hang stable with silk is short, suitable for real life and strength, its installer experience, technical maturity, key candidate, installation work, quick and easy Responsible grass wall to keep hidden

 4, according to the shape of the window to choose the appropriate curtain rod window shape letter shape, L-shaped, U-shaped three-shaped window, the whole wall is equipped with curtains to choose Roman rods or pulley guides; window hanging curtains choose Roman rods more L-shaped windows: choose Roman rod short Roman rods (inter-link) or curved body guide U-shaped windows like curved pulley guides are more beautiful, especially the top of the window window is far from the flower board.

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