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How to choose curtain accessories, let a home decorate better

2019-01-19 15:12:15

          How to choose curtain accessories, let a home decorate better,How does the curtain choose a color to let decorate the most give an effect?A lot of people may feel this problem is too big, curtain color is too much, such tie-in plan is not thousands of kinds?No, no, the curtain color is much, also have classified, had seen a lot of curtain shop, the color that discovers a curtain is divided on the whole 3 kinds, plain coloured, colourful, design and color.

          Begin with the plain color that matches the easiest first, plain color, the commonest is white, gray, brown, khaki, cream-colored.These color are contained extremely strong, absolutely all-purpose take absolute safety, no matter the color of your sitting room is how empty or how full, it can confluence.Of course if can emphasize the colour of sitting room whole is united had better of course.



         Gray curtain, tie-in gray sofa, this is what I say "the colour that emphasizes sitting room whole is unified", feel whole sitting room lets a person feel very comfortable.Brown is opposite brunet, a lot of people worry too heavy perhaps bad collocation, want light to be good only actually, the space is capacious, use brown in great quantities to also be no problem completely.Beige, 0% error rate color, warm feeling, a lot of people have no resistance to it at all.Although white jock is taken, too test cleanness ability nevertheless, there is the child in the home careful choose.Choose colourful those who look is very test tie-in ability, colourful curtain if furniture style is more oneness tonal can choose gorgeous color to match!



         The curtain accessories of the curtain are curtain rods of similar color. Of course, the rails are also a good choice.Curtain accessories must be of good quality. It is most appropriate to choose a thick aluminum alloy bracket. If the bracket is relatively thin, it may be easily deformed or bent after a long time.


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