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Do not forget the installation of the curtain rod

2018-12-13 10:56:00

Although the installation of curtain rods is a trivial matter, the perfect home decoration is formed by the accumulation of countless small things. To ensure the installation effect, do not forget the following when installing the curtain rod.

1, look at the situation to take different connections

If the wall is a wooden board, simply place the screws that mount the rails directly on the board's defined position.

If the wall is cement, you need to drill holes in the determined position with an electric drill, then knock in the special nylon expansion tube, and then screw the screw into the special nylon expansion tube and tighten it.


2, curtain hook installation precautions

If the curtain hooks are used to fix the curtains, different ways of hooking can be used to form different curtain pleats. However, it should be noted that the distance between the curtain hooks is as uniform as possible, first calculated; the rusted hooks are found to be replaced immediately, otherwise the curtain fabric is contaminated. In actual use, you can adjust the number of pins inserted into the slot, or three, or four; you can adjust the effective width of the curtain by adjusting the number of lanyard slots between each two hooks.

3, the installation ensures a firm

Don't install it, it will not fall long, it is not good, so please pay attention to the bracket that matches the pole when installing. If the bracket is too small, the bracket may be damaged easily. On the other hand, the bracket is too small. The contact surface of the wall will be small, the number of mounting nuts or the size of the nut will be limited, which will make the installed curtain rod unstable.

4, to ensure the standard and level

The length of the curtain rod should be larger than the width of the window cover to avoid light leakage; the installation of the curtain rod should be horizontal, and if necessary, the curtain rod should be installed unevenly.

5, curtain rod installation timing selection

It is best to choose to install the curtain rods after the new house has been opened or before the last cleaning. The curtain rods will be covered with a thick dust ash too early, and it will be too clean and white. At the same time, the Roman rods are best equipped with curtains, while the curtain rails can be installed in advance, and it is best to consider what kind of rails to install when decorating.

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