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Curtain rods have tips for buying

2018-10-30 17:41:51

Curtain rods are generally divided into bright rods and dark rods. The bright rods are curtain rods that can be seen in the shape of the pole and the decorative head (commonly known as the flower head). The dark rod is the opposite of the bright rod and is often placed in the curtain box, so that the rod itself is not easily visible. The curtain rods are mainly divided into pulley type guide rails and Roman rods according to the manner in which the curtains are suspended. According to the material, the pulley rail can be divided into aluminum alloy, plastic rail, etc.; Roman dry can be divided into wrought iron, wood, aluminum alloy, copper, plastic and other Roman rods.

The Roman rod is just a kind of curtain hanging, because it has a decorative head at both ends, like a Roman column, so it is called a Roman rod. The Roman rod is directly exposed, and the two ends are fixed on the wall. The shaft itself is decorative and belongs to the bright pole. It is also a common curtain rod on the market. The curtain track is a plastic (metal) strip with a groove. Generally, it needs to be covered by a curtain box. Generally, it is not directly installed outside. Now the curtain track is used less, and only some of the opposite sex windows or balcony floor windows are used.


Purchase considerations

1. The wall thickness of the curtain rod. In order to cut corners, the general manufacturers often use hands and feet on the materials. The thinner the wall thickness, the smaller the bearing capacity of the poles, and the more likely the accidents will occur in the future. The decorative head (commonly known as the flower head) is removed, and the essence is seen through the phenomenon. Generally speaking, the thicker the better.

2, the material of the curtain rod. Choose a product that is strong and durable. In general, plastic products are prone to aging, discoloration, breakage, etc., but the color of the pattern can be selected; wooden products are prone to mites, cracking, and heavy curtains are hanged for a long time, which is easy to bend and feels heavy when pulling the curtains. However, the decorative effect is relatively high-grade; the aluminum alloy has a single color, and the aluminum alloy foreskin is easy to open for a long time, and the load-bearing performance is poor and not resistant to friction. It is an economical and practical type; the iron-painted product is easy to fall off, only iron Electroplated products, surface treatment brilliance, bearing capacity, good wear resistance.

3, the selection of curtain rod bracket is the most important. Pay more attention to the brackets that you choose to match the poles. Generally speaking, the contact surface between the bracket and the wall is large, and the hanging is stable. The length of the matching silk is suitable for the real living strength, and the experience of the installation worker and the skill level of the installation. It is also critical. In many cases, the installation of workers is quick and easy, and the irresponsible grass is on the wall, leaving many hidden dangers.

4. Select the appropriate curtain rod according to the shape of the window. The shape of the window is roughly divided into a single shape, an L shape, and a U shape. A flat-shaped window, if the entire wall is covered with curtains, you can choose Roman rods or pulley guides; if only part of the window is hanging curtains, then choose Roman rods is more fashionable. L-shaped window: You can choose a long Roman rod and a short Roman rod (not linked to each other), or choose an integral guide rail that can be bent. U-shaped windows, generally choose the curved pulley guide is more beautiful, especially the bay window, if the top of the window is close to the ceiling, the choice of the guide rail is most suitable.

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