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Curtain rod installation

2018-09-21 11:05:55

Curtain rod installation is generally carried out in the end part of the whole home decoration, and the curtain is an ornament that separates the home space from the outside world. It is also a necessity in the home life. When installing the curtain, you also need to know how to install the curtain rod. Complete and beautiful.

Curtain rod installation preparation

Before the curtain rod is decorated, it is necessary to prepare the materials and tools that need to be used. First, the materials needed for the curtain rod are wood and products, hardware accessories and metal curtain rods. The main tools used are hand drills, small electric tables, concrete planes, small planes, trough planes, small wood saws, screwdrivers, chisels, punches, hacksaws, etc. Moreover, before installing the curtain rod, it is also necessary to meet the conditions for installing the curtain rod, that is, in a room with a ceiling and a dark curtain box, the ceiling construction needs to be carried out simultaneously with the curtain box.

Curtain rod installation method

1. Positioning and scribing. When installing the curtain rod and the curtain box, the requirements on the design drawing should be installed to make the center position, the ink line is used to play the horizontal line, and the relationship of the structure is found. The horizontal line of the curtain rods is based on the support under the curtain as the standard of the dash, and the positioning line and the hole line of the support can be drawn.

2. punching, the general position of the hole is determined by more design drawings, the depth of the hole is best controlled between 3.5 cm to 5 cm, to avoid the phenomenon of running eyes or skew. Note that the location of the hole should be away from the wires or water pipes embedded in the wall. When the hole is finished, the plastic expansion pipe can be inserted into the hole to prepare for the next installation of the curtain rod.

3. Inspection and treatment of embedded parts. When the drilling step is completed, it is necessary to check the position and specifications of the embedded fixing parts of the fixed curtain box after the line is found, whether the pre-buried waterproofing can meet the fixed requirements, if it is checked out When there is a deviation in elevation, flatness, center position and wall exit, measures should be taken to avoid the level of installation of the curtain rods.

4. Install the curtain rod. The support for installing the curtain rod needs to be stable. You can fix the support with steel wire, etc. Then put the lifting ring into the curtain rod, divide it into two, and leave a ring at each end of the rod. Press the rod into the opening support and adjust the decorative head to the ends at a consistent distance from the wall.

5. Hang the curtains and hang the end of the curtains that have been serially hooked into the inside of the rings. After registering the curtains, try to adjust them left and right to see if there is any obstruction when pulling. If the curtains are pulled normally, then the curtain rods The decoration is complete.



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