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Curtain bracket chooses material to want to choose material had better so more safe

2019-01-31 15:16:13

          Curtain bracket chooses material to want to choose material had better so more safe.There are many examples of families where a pole cannot be placed on a wall, or where the pole is barely placed but is in danger.Experts recommend paying more attention to the bracket that your poles are paired with.Generally speaking, the contact surface between bracket and wall should be large, so that it can be hung up stably. The length of matched screws should be suitable for real strength. Besides, the experience and technical proficiency of the installers are also crucial.A lot of times installation workers to save trouble, irresponsible hastily on the wall, leaving a lot of hidden dangers.The expert suggests stylist had better be to invite the worker of manufacturer of professional production curtain lever to come to come installation, such product and service just have safeguard most.

          When curtain lever of choose and buy, detail respect cannot ignore.For example, there is screw unavoidably on window shade lever, but should not be too outstanding, affect the beauty of curtain whole thereby;To carefully check the processing process, such as whether through the surface wiredrawing treatment, spray color is uniform and so on.

          Even though it is easy to ignore, the selection and installation of bracket is still important.Attention should be paid to the choice of material when choose and buy already, should ask special installer to undertake installation more, also want to often undertake checking and maintain at the same time.Only in this way, you can ensure the safety of curtain rod.

         Curtain lever is general manufacturer is in order to cut corners to often make hands and feet on makings, the wall is thicker the thinner, the bearing capacity of the pole is smaller, the accident more easily appears in using process later.When expert proposal stylist chooses, ask business member more, perhaps oneself will decorate a head to tear open come down, observe its interior structure, will tell commonly thicker had better.


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