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Curtain accessories are essential

2019-01-23 16:54:05

         The curtain is every every indispensable important adornment article, the curtain can shade not only wind, still can sound insulation absorbs heat to prevent ultraviolet ray, model private space is the most important.However curtain fittings can be divided for a lot of kinds, each fittings has its existence inevitability, also have his use value, no matter what curtain,Curtain accessories are essential.

         Curtain accessories the finial of the curtain, if we choose to hang curtain, then this is the nods eyeball pen of the best accessories, curtain rod part we choose to match the color of the need not too gorgeous, the curtain of the top there are many kinds of modelling, you can according to the style of the curtain is tie-in, beautiful curtain top will bring a bright spot to finish decorating.



         Curtain accessories curtain rod is a kind of material is given priority to with metal and wood, used to install the curtain, also can reduce the noise, the light point-blank, material is qualitative different, curtain accessories style of curtain rod has wrought iron curtain rod rod head of art, different collocation silk or gauze qualitative vestee, use in the bedroom, soft contrast between the strong contrast to the United States, however, wooden carve rod head is to give a person with warm feeling, full and curtain accessories curtain rod is divided into rising stem and the non-rising stem.



         Curtain accessories are small buttons that are used to fasten curtains.The curtain is no longer a simple tool, but a decorative object. The curtain is made up of silk ribbon, resin decorative surface, magnetic protective paper, fastening screws, and nickel plated magnetic magnet.


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